I'm Krystle. I'm a UX Designer based in the greater Los Angeles area. I currently work in Experience Design for BCG Digital Ventures. I've worked for large and small firms, both client-side and in an agency or consultancy model. My most recent work, that's publically available, involved launching an auto-financing startup start-up, called AutoGravity, with over seven figures in funding. 

Before all this, I earned a Masters degree from the University of Michigan's School of Information specializing in Human Computer Interaction. Attending UMSI was one of the best decisions of my career. I love what I do.

Mr role is to help my users comfortably fulfill their tasks by designing experiences informed by their habits, desires and unmet needs. I help my clients achieve their goals by becoming an expert in their target customer market, understanding their current and future priorities and evaluating assumptions through feedback. It's really fun.

I like to learn...I've got lots on my to do list...currently I'm diving deeper into visual design by taking classes on Lynda. learning to swim. The breaststroke is giving me the most grief at the moment. I'd like to tackle photography next.

My portfolio is purposefully slim but if you'd like to connect, please find me on LinkedInBehance, or right here by sending me a note.

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