A few things I did...(not so) recently.

I'm working to prepare more. As you can imagine, many things are covered under NDA. So I am happy to share more upon making your acquaintance. 


Evaluation of a Publishing Platform - Yahoo Sports

Selected screens from a larger deck. Researched all aspects of the current Yahoo Sports and proposed publishing platform in order to evaluate the feasibility of on-boarding Yahoo Sports to a new publishing option and to pass along Sports-specific requirements, which is the most complicated vertical for content and information hierarchy, to the publishing team and upper management who would make the final call. 


User Flows - Rivals.com Membership Migration & New User On-Boarding - Yahoo Sports

Led the UX to establish the best path to migrate a highly vocal and sensitive user base onto the Yahoo platform with minimal annoyance or interruption of their daily activities. Test findings were used to refine messaging and design to ensure subscribers understood the purpose to the migration and ensure all users were migrated successfully.

Snippet of user flow to migrate Rivals subscribers to the Yahoo membership stack.


Community Pages - Yahoo Screen

Closely collaborated with the visual design lead to design all aspects of the playback experience to support Yahoo Original shows including: Community, Other Space and Sin City Saints. Delivery served as the foundation for other  "advanced" content including Yahoo Live programming.